Library of Congress Transcribing Course Changes

For many years now the Library of Congress has offered a braille transcribing course for those who are interested in becoming certified. Completion of this course can lead to certification as a braille transcriber. This is a literary braille course and once a person has been certified for a year, he/she can choose to take other courses--such as the music transcription course, math, etc. There's also a proofreading course.

In the past, the Library of Congress had personnel who taught the transcribing and proofreading course. Some of these instructors were located in the Braille Development Section of the Library of Congress. An interested person could take the transcribing course and have a local instructor or have an instructor provided by the Library of Congress.

Now, the Library of Congress contracts with the National Federation of the Blind which oversees the course. If a person enrolls in the course, the materials come from the National Federation of the Blind. A person can still use a local instructor or one provided by the National Federation. Other courses are also taught including the proofreading course, math, music, etc. The director of the Library of Congress still signs the certificate of persons being certified. There are teachers, evaluators of manuscripts, and others who continue to provide all the services necessary to help those who want to be certified transcribers and proofreaders.

Who takes the course?: Anyone who wishes to become certified, sighted or visually impaired, can take the course. He/she must have a high school diploma or equivalent, must be a resident of the United States, and must prepare their lessons and final trial manuscript using six-key entry. This can be accomplished using either a Braille writer, slate and stylus, or six-key input using a computer.

For more information about this course, you can contact Jennifer Dunnam at or visit the web site at Jennifer works extremely hard to make sure all questions are answered and that prospective students are linked to instructors who can help them.


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